Day 35: Safford, AZ to Globe, AZ (77 Miles)


Well, I’m slowly making my way across Arizona. Today, I made it to Globe, which is about 90 miles East of Phoenix.

The wind was at my back, which felt great. It seems like there’s a relatively consistent West to East wind in this area, so having the wind on my side is rare. The favorable wind, paired with a lot of downhill slopes, made for some easy riding.


Once I got into the San Carlos Apache Reservation, however, the road became challenging. It was sort of like an obstacle coarse. The bike lane is filled with broken glass and has huge potholes and cracks in the pavement. Then, every once and a while, these bushes, filled with thorns, block the lane. So, you have to make the decision to either get swiped by a thorny bush or cross the rumble strips and get onto a highway. Usually, I just went through the bush; I’m glad I had long sleeves on.


The San Carlos Apache Reservation is all desert. It’s a bit upsetting that this is the land that we “gave” to Native Americans. This land is so hot and desolate. In Blyas, there were horses just hanging out on the side of the road.


I may have jinxed my bike yesterday. My new front bag seems to be overloaded and fell off the handlebars at one point. I reattached it with zip ties and, tonight, I’m going to work of redistributing the weight again. Then, I got another flat tire. It was an easy inner tube change. I was able to replace my old inner tube with one of the tougher ones that Bikeman sold me in Alpine, TX.


It’s getting hotter by the hour. I’m descending below 3,000 ft., so it’s feeling like the desert again. The forecast for tomorrow predict 104 degrees!

It’s another desert around here, but it’s completely different that those in West Texas. Tuscan Cactuses are starting to pop up on the side of the road. These are about 15 feet tall; they look more like trees than cactuses. You can see them all scattered over the hills.


Lately, I’ve hit a good rhythm of about 70-80 miles daily. I think I’m entering a less scenic area, so it makes more sense to put in long days of riding. If all goes well, and the heat holds off until late afternoon, I will make it to the Phoenix area tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 35: Safford, AZ to Globe, AZ (77 Miles)”

  1. You have tangled with mesquite – quite thorny. And you have moved from the Chihuahuan desert to the Sonoran desert (land of saguaros). I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I’ve travelled these roads by car – still lonely and rough. I wish you all the best!

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